Ideas #189

Resisting the urge to check

We all carry computers in our pockets. We are all connected by a web, the internet. And we constantly check. We constantly go back for more. For more of the same.

According to Digital Trends, Americans check social media an average of 17 times per day. This is an addiction. A serious one, that I, as well as millions of people around the world are affected by.

We check our phones all the time. But what are we checking for? Answers? News? Validation?

In my opinion, the best work is made when we don’t check, when we allow ourselves to live without having to be connected.

Resisting the urge to check can be difficult, because it is engrained in our psyche to update ourselves constantly. What is the new info? The new gossip, the new drama?

We brainwash ourselves to believe we cannot live outside of the connected bubble. What if I miss that phone call? My boss won’t be able to reach me, etc.. etc… Excuses are excuses. What level of connection is really necessary?

We see peoples lives fully through social media. Or at least as fully as they are willing to share. So, as goes the internet, things can get intimate. But is this necessary? Is this level of connection really necessary for practical reasons? Or does it exist solely for human entertainment?

Removing oneself from digital addiction is both detrimental and beneficial.