Ideas #196


The best way to remain composed and collected is to breathe. To not care so much, and to focus on the positive aspects of situations.

Remaining composed is something that I truly respect. The ability to keep a calm demeanor is not only impressive but also unbelievably useful. All scenarios call for different courses of action. But to be able to make a rational and ultimately beneficial decision one must remain calm in any situation.

Stress is something that we congregate around in our society. I usually say that I don’t get stressed out. I am usually a rational being, meaning I use logic in most decisions I make. But at times I do get stressed and I do make impulse decisions. No one is perfect.

I crashed my car into another car today. It wasn’t a big deal, just a light bump. But the fact that I was tired, frazzled, late and in a general sense of disarray obviously contributed to my incompetence. Luckily I didn’t cause any damage.

Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens to teach us something about ourselves. What lessons do I need to learn? Why did I crash? What is this supposed to teach me?

Pay attention. Be present. Focus. Mentality effects reality.

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