Ideas #30

I can’t believe it!

Wow, 30 writings. And I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface. Honestly, the stuff I have written in the previous 29 posts hasn’t really even been anything that I truly want to talk about or explore. Yes there were some ideas that resonate, but I think the previous writings have just been an exercise in writing itself. It is a process, a habit, a way to discipline oneself in a positive way.

Creating everyday has been the ultimate goal all along. And yes I have missed a couple days but I have always made up for it. I want to further create things that I am passionate about. To be honest, it sounds selfish, but I am tired of helping create ideas and project for others. I would much rather create ideas and projects with others.

I want to work on a project I am passionate about with people I admire.

Let’s be honest, I think this is what we all want to do at heart. But our society has programmed us to be interchangeable parts of a big system. Individualism is not promoted, rather conformity.

Let’s look at the average 15 year old. He is not that much younger than me; 6 years. In the grand scale of things that is nothing. So what is the average 15 year old doing? Well, they are just trying to fit in. To get along with their surroundings and adapt to whatever scenario comes their way. What this means is learning from the people surrounding them and adapting to their ways of life, looks, dress, cadence of speech, behavior, and social norms. Becoming a pure reflection of their surroundings.

Essentially people are made to believe that to be successful they need to be like the people who they are surrounded by. The teachers, students, soccer coaches, parents and everyone else that influences these days. Not to mention the media.

This is something that I have been rebelling against since day one. Some of my earliest memories are of being a bit of a rambunctious troublemaker. I never wanted to fully conform, to in a sense, surrender to the system. I still don’t and more than ever I am motivated and driven to think outside the mindset I am in. To look elsewhere because I am not finding what I need here.

But if I just sit idly and don’t choose to create I will never find what it is I am truly looking for. So another day of creation passes and with everyday I draw closer to my ultimate goal of creating something meaningful.

P.S. Writing is the easiest form of creation because all you need is your brain and a pencil, or in my case a keyboard.