Some of the problems we work on as UX researchers are simple and are easily solved by getting users in front of our product. But other problems can be complex and it’s hard to know how to start solving them. In situations like that, a simple 2x2 diagram can cut through the “what ifs”, the “how abouts” and the edge cases and provide a simple way of looking at the problem. Here are 10 examples of 2x2 diagrams to simplify UX research discussions.

Loved by management consultants, a 2x2 diagram is a simple — some might say simplistic — way of looking at a problem. You consider each of the various factors in your problem and choose two that are important and that can be classified into discrete values. …


David Travis

User Experience Strategist @userfocus. On a mission to create more UX professionals. Get free online user experience lessons at

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