2017 BMW M3 Review, Price, Release Date — The 2017 BMW M3 is based on the popular 3 Series small luxury sedan, and the two cars share basic exterior and interior designs. But when you compare the models on a spec sheet, there is no mistaking which one is more performance-focused. With 425 horsepower, lightning-quick steering, a sophisticated active rear differential and brakes seemingly suitable for slowing down a locomotive, the M3 has all the right tools that make it a world-class high-performance sedan.



Two years after the most recent M3 redesign, 2017 BMW M3 is also looking to boost the flair of its iconic sports sedan for 2017 with the release of a limited-edition model called the 30 Jahre M3, celebrating the 30-year anniversary of the first-generation M3. 2017 BMW M3 says it will sell 150 in the United States, and each one will come fully equipped with just about every M3 option you can get, plus exclusive Macao Blue metallic paint.

If a luxury sports sedan is the type of vehicle you’re looking for, there are some enviable alternatives to consider besides the M3. The Mercedes-AMG C63 sedan trumps the M3 with a turbocharged V8 that’s good for up to 503 hp (in the S model). The Cadillac ATS-V lacks the BMW’s and Mercedes’ interior polish and rear seat room but counters with a brawny turbocharged V6 and arguably the best handling of the bunch. The newest player in the segment, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, hails from Italy and makes strong performance claims with a 505-hp turbocharged V6. But given the M3’s combination of racing-worthy performance and daily-driver civility, it continues to be an ideal pick in the class.

2017 BMW M3 Sedan Redesign

BMW constantly brings a shocking car towards the table as well as the new M3 series will just be no distinctive. A brand new body kit in 2017 will deliver a modestly sleeker far more aerodynamic design to the M3; this paired using the new body colors introduced within the 2016 M3 lineup will add barely of class and individuality towards the 2017 BMW M3. Applying updates in technology the 2017 BMW M3 Price promises from getting lightest and also the vast majority maneuverable M3 to date. BMW’s M3 series adaptive suspension and the active differential are going to perform wonders using the 2017 model bringing a lighter car.

Luxury as like a top priority for BMW the 2016 model brought a completely overhauled interior upon the M3 with chrome trimmed venting and accents, an updated navigation system, revised climate handle and ambient lighting, along with enhanced youngster seat hardware. Inside the 2017 BMW M3, we are able to hope to check out them generally update the user help systems, and build a lot more interior leg room for optimal passenger comfort. A feasible chance towards the 2017 model is also a much more ranged motion and cozy design towards the seats.

2017 BMW M3 Sedan Engine

Below the hood in the new 2017 BMW M3 sedan, we really should anticipate a strong sedan engine just like the 3.0-liter 6-Cylinder. This turbocharged engine is rated 425 hp and 406 lb.ft. The automaker will support the engine using a 7-speed manual transmission technique or a 7-speed automatic one.

With this transmission program, we count on a much better fuel efficiency from the car. We are going to be looking at fuel consumption figures of around 17 mpg city and 25 mpg highway. Around the side of pollution, the car needs to be better than its predecessor with regards to giving out emissions.

2017 BMW M3 Price

2017 BMW M3 Price

2017 BMW M3 Sedan Price and Release Date

Those that would wish to own the 2017 BMW M3 sedan might be forced to portion with $65,000. This price applies to the base model, which implies that you can pay much more to obtain a well-equipped model. A price of around $68,000 is going to be offered for the base automatic model. As for the release date, wait to purchase the car at the beginning of 2017.