Sharing expirement: This is a no talk, but show inspirational post.

Every now and then something completely new comes out, we dreamed of it but then suddenly the next morning it has arrived. Below are a few inspiration real product examples of “future defining” new interfaces, it has a mix between pure digital or in combination with analog.

1. Tiny medical robots the size of hairs cure infections in mice — Pertemps medical

2. Dimension pen by InstruMMents Inc

Measuring anything in 3d from the analog world.

3. Descript — Voice audio editing

Editing voice audio files by editing text, powered by Google Speech. Created by the founder of Groupon.

Expected more from Descript?

Soon reality is questionable — By Adobe

As amateurs can distort reality in audio and…

Three years ago i decided the news and banking industry would be the fields i wanted to make a difference. The last 2 years have been proven right and i hope this year entrepeneurs will take their start and make services that really matter around money. That we give people insight, understanding and be better educated on money. Below is my take on 2017 in the bank industry.

Zeplin has been a timesaver and one of our favorite key tools in our design & development!

But recently i found that my machine has been filling up and while Sketch has been one of the hungry monsters (fix at the end of the article). Now it seems, it has it’s best friend join in on the fun :D !

Zeplin has been keeping all the old artboards and assets that has been deleted from the app in the cache folder (10.33 gb).

Detect if you have the same problem

Install the free program called Grand perspective to scan your computer for file usage. By using the…

Part 1: Your business strategy might not be as future proof as you think

Have an underlying vision for the future, one that your current product or service is build on top of. This enables you develop and test your underlying hypothesis and make that scalable for multiple purposes and services.

Remember you build things that matter, create a positive change, but you need money to keep on doing that.

Examples of companies

Captcha = image recognition

Duo lingo = translating

Google = powers text understanding and AI

McDonalds = own primary real estate

Train industry = *should have been mass transportation

Last week i got asked to give a talk at the agency Los&Co (in Oslo, Norway) about what is UX (user experience) and how i approach my work. It was during their weekly design share hour. If you don’t have something similar, i recommend you start organising your own ux lunch, first thing from tomorrow :D . It helps build a deep understanding for design in the company and will make your work a lot easier.

Images credit

Are your responsible or eager to grow the design presence, knowledge and understanding in your the company. Are you trying to grow design support and the understanding for user centered project development?

UX lunches are a great opportunity to bond with the design team, grow interested in others and add a design string to your companies DNA.

Together with two of my colleagues, I organise our monthly UX lunch at Schibsted (in Oslo). Where we get our colleagues from the different companies together to share their experiences like project cases, new methods, conference learnings and more. We aim to get…

I was about to give up on the idea that a console could bring my friends and family hours of fun. Good old memories, i though i needed to cherish them from now on. Wait! Nintendo announced there now console, Nintendo Switch. Hope in the future is restored. Nintendo i know it has been tough on you, it pays not to give up!

Why this post, the back of the box says 1 player ?

The last few years the gamer in me has been dying a little, by little on every new release. What is happening to the gaming industry, creators of A-titles, are you forgetting the power of the…

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Part 2: What is your underlying strategy? How to make your company more future proof(-er)


Learn how to set your company up for continuous success, stop finding average solutions, be a head of competitions, disruptive markets and earn users trust.

The key success factors for this is to write down and promote your “higher” purpose (with values & beliefs), challenges and mindset for the company and each project. The purpose will keep you motivated and focused on what really matters. Using two techniques, the “5x why” and “the golden circle”. …

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