Sharing expirement: This is a no talk, but show inspirational post.

Every now and then something completely new comes out, we dreamed of it but then suddenly the next morning it has arrived. Below are a few inspiration real product examples of “future defining” new interfaces, it has a mix between pure digital or in combination with analog.

1. Tiny medical robots the size of hairs cure infections in mice — Pertemps medical

2. Dimension pen by InstruMMents Inc

Measuring anything in 3d from the analog world.

3. Descript — Voice audio editing

Editing voice audio files by editing text, powered by Google Speech. Created by the founder of Groupon.

Expected more from Descript?

Soon reality is questionable — By Adobe

As amateurs can distort reality in audio and video with a click of a button thanks to Adobe. Let people say things they didn’t and remove anything from a video with a click of a button. …


Robin Klein Schiphorst

Strategic Director . Proud Dad. Design leadership & startup coach | Design System Expert | Speaker . Challenge taker. Explorer.

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