Story Time

Man, I’m tired. Hanging out with my boyfriend at the mall was worth it though. Then I smiled. This is actually my first boyfriend and it still bring a smile to my face when I remember how we met.

A gorgeous guy walking in the cafe and it’s like everything was slow motion. I was alone at that time finishing a school project and I just couldn’t help but stare at the stranger. The guy apparently noticed me staring and went to my table and sat. At first I didn’t know what to say. He was just there sitting in front of me and staring back, but then slowly he smirked as if he finds the situation funny. I couldn’t help but laugh and that’s when he laughed too. Everyone was looking at us at the cafe as if we were crazy. It was a weird way to start a friendship that eventually end us up being together.

And together we were happy. It’s like I met my soul mate in an instant. I was lucky. I was happy. But my Mom is not. My Mom does not approve me dating when I am only 17.

I paused. There was a big hole for construction in the sidewalk and I almost fell in. I was thinking too much that I am not paying attention anymore to where I’m walking.

My Mom was outside of the house when I was trying to walk around the big hole and when I looked up, I saw her looking at me. She didn’t look angry. But sad and upset.

I rolled my eyes. I know she is going to scold me again about leaving the house to hang out with my boyfriend. I knew Mom already know about it. How’d she knew? I didn’t know. I started walking again towards our house and not backing away from my Mom’s stare.

“What’s her problem?” I thought.

My Mom used to advised me about boys and stuff. She was the one to tell me that it’s okay to date, as long as the boys are nice and willing to meet the parents. And my boyfriend did meet my parents. I proudly brought and introduced him on a family dinner but my parents were surprised for some reason. And all the while he was there, my parents were nothing but awkward and silent. They kept exchanging glances which made me and him uncomfortable, which resulted to him leaving early.

It seemed like they know something I didn’t know.

I was really mad when my boyfriend was no longer there, that I actually raised a voice at my parents when I confronted them. I will never forget when Mom slapped me that night. That brought me back to the present.

I am in front of my Mom now and I am not backing away.

“We need to talk.”
Mom’s voice is shaky.

Stern with my answer, I bump my shoulder to my Mom’s shoulder to make her move out the way.

Mom’s tone is now authoritative.

“I said no!”
I shouted back.

I proceeded inside and saw that Mom had visitors which I didn’t care enough to greet because I was too upset. I was not embarrassed to slam the door shut. I ran upstairs and got my travel bag out under the bed and grabbed a few clothes to put inside the bag. I’m leaving this house!

Tears are running down my cheeks while I dialed my boyfriends number. He picked up in the first ring.

“Babe, I’m leaving home.”
I said crying.

My tear stained cheek became red and I smiled when he offered me to stay at his place. Without second thoughts, I gathered my things and walked out my room. My Mom was shouting but I was not listening anymore. I was fuming on the sidewalk. Mad and excited at the same time to leave home and be on my own. Then I realized, I wouldn’t really be on my own. I will be with him. When I turned the corner, my boyfriend and his car is waiting for me there. I smiled.

While on the drive to his place, my mind wanders. How did it all came to this? I loved my Mom and Dad but how can they not just let me love my boyfriend, also? Being JUST 17 is just their stupid excuse to hold me back to the things I want to do. But then I looked sideways to the guy driving, and I said to myself,

“Everything’s going to be okay. I have him”.

That’s was I thought. But little did I know what was about to happen. Oh how little I know. And so little you know too.

Everything became blurry.

And when I opened my eyes, I am now in my parents house, sitting on Mom’s couch with a blanket around my shoulder. I can hear police sirens outside the house. I looked around and my Mom is sitting on one of the chair on my side. Her head is down and she seemed like she’s crying. My Dad is nowhere on sight. Maybe he was outside talking to the police. You think me and my boyfriend had an accident? No.

I remembered it all.

Me and my boyfriend end up stopping at an apartment building. I grabbed my things and went out the car and I followed him upstairs and inside his apartment. It looked very manly and minimalist. It was just a small unit with 1 bed room. The living room is connected to the small kitchen and is just separated by a kitchen counter. I felt contented.

The whole afternoon was magical. We spent it binging on movies and making out. But night came, and it was time for bed. How I wished night didn’t came and it just stayed afternoon forever. We fell asleep together. But something woke me up in the middle of night to find him not there beside me. I heard a clanging noise outside the room which had me startled.

I did not dare called out my boyfriends name because the clanging seemed a bit rough and dangerous. It seemed like someone is looking for something or moving the things noisily. I slowly got off the bed and walked quietly towards the bedroom door. Very slowly, I opened the door and prayed the it doesn’t make too much noise.

There I saw on the floor of the living room. My boyfriend. Dead and bloody. And there on top of him is the murderer, the knife still on his grip. I was shaking from fear and I couldn’t look away. The murderer saw me and started coming for me.

Then I blinked. The knife is now in my hands. Two bodies are now on the floor. Blood are everywhere. On the floor, on the couch and on me. And police sirens can be heard outside the apartment building.

I didn’t realized I was shaking. I felt a hand on my back and that brought me back from my memory. It was Mom’s. My Mom is now beside me and looking at me worriedly and with teary and tired eyes. I hate that look on her face. A police officer was standing in front of me. I was handcuffed instantly.

My eyes widened. Surprised and fear was written all over my face.

“Mom, I didn’t m-m-m-mean to”

I stuttered. I was crying again.

“There was a break in a-a-and, he killed my boyfriend. I-I-I saw him dead on the floor. I had to o-o-or the murderer will kill me too. It was self-defense. Mom, please!!”

I said panicking now.

My Mom didn’t say anything and was just crying. She was not even looking at me.

“Mom! Please! Let me talk to Dad. He will understand. It was self-defense!”

I was shouting now and trying to lose myself from the cuffs. The police held me down so I can remain seated.

Suddenly my Mom spoke in a very shaky voice.

“Your Dad is dead”

What!? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How? Why? I can’t think straight anymore, everything looks blurry because of my tears. Then my Mom spoke again,

“You killed him. There was no break in. There was no boyfriend. We should have paid attention. It’s all our fault. I thought it was just child’s imagination when you said you had a playmate when you were 4 years old. You see holes on the road that weren’t there when you were a kid, you walk around them thinking you might fall on them. We didn’t know it was anything serious and worse.”

Then her Mom started to raise her voice.

“One neighbor saw you riding a bus and talking to yourself, after you decided to storm out of the house. Your father found you in an abandoned building. He was trying to get you, but you killed him! There was no break in! There was no boyfriend! We found messages on your phone that you send to yourself. You introduced a non-existent guy to us. You were talking to a person who is not there at the dinner table! We didn’t…. ” her Mom sank to the floor and cried harder.

“We didn’t…..we didn’t know how to tell you”.

While her Mom cried, no more tears would come out from my own eyes. Everything doesn’t make sense to me anymore. My ears are ringing from the police sirens and I can’t see straight. I can see black from the side of my eyes. I feel myself passing out.

An old woman dressed in all white emerged from the door, I remembered her as one of my Mom’s visitor. And before I finally pass out, I heard the doctor spoke.

“She is Schizophrenic”.

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