Please don’t shame us, or make us feel inferior for being born this way

I reached into a box, snagged my sleeve, and burst into tears.

We don’t always have control over these erratic emotions, but if we could, many of us would turn it off. We were given two X chromosomes and, as a result, experience a seasonal pattern much like many parts of the planet. Some seasons will be serene and tranquil, others will be turbulent and painful.

Some view this as a curse or a burden, but in my infinite pursuit of optimism and with every bit of strength my mother has given me, I see this as a gift. A gift to bear because if, heaven forbid, men were to possess this responsibility, our countries would have many more enemies and we would spend countless hours over how we feel with wine and cheese and chocolate only to order more Chinese food instead of coming to a rational decision.

If we choose to, we could bear children with this gift. We play a significant role in the expansion of our species. And with these bodies, we provide one of the sole sources of food for these infants we housed, loved, and nurtured for nine months. Let us not forget that men and fathers are, too, absolutely essential. But where would we be without our mothers?

Today, I take this gift that makes me weak to the point of weeping but that also gives me strength to see the light and I march. I march forward with life and find things everyday to build my bravery and my spirit because even I cannot predict the next season.

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