Forty-two foldings
Could get you to the moon
The numbers say
Paper folded into exponential
Height and thickness
This equation contained
Within a person’s mind
Girth no greater than
The physics
(10) He desires to define
Inside, he finds
Patterns unfolding
Through the abstractions
And chaos outside, he loses
What he struggles
To build in measure
And chooses it’s necessary
To take a careful step
Everytime, burning it
(20) Trading in the hours
Of feared mistakes
And have one righteous prize
Inside his mind
He finds this to be defined
As much as it it is
In everybody’s minds
He succeeds to keep
What’s slowly dying in the process
Counting numbers
(30) Improving in succession
As the being degenerates
From its existence
No other being counts
Forty-two paper folds
Forty-two street addresses
Forty-two multiple of three
Still, he counts
What nobody would ever see
But the minds who find sacrifice
Forty-two defines
Calculations set other beings free.

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