Do you think Visitor Management Systems are needed only for Large Companies?

One of the most common myths in facility management is that only large IT Parks and Conglomerates need a Visitor Management system, while smaller companies can make do with their old visitor’s log.


A Visitor Management System not only helps to maintain security within the precincts efficiently but also enhances the company’s image.

Here are five reasons why we think the Visitor Management System would help smaller companies –

No Receptionist — With an ipad receptionist, you will not need a dedicated person to man the reception area. Visitors can digitally login their details and automatic emails/SMS alerts the host, manages couriers and is extremely customizable. It is also cost effective for the company, as they don’t have to invest exclusively on a resource that would be tied to the phone all the time.

Pay-as-you-go — SaaS-based Visitor Management systems are extremely cost-effective as they do not require any installation. Monthly payment modules with trial runs make them as the best viable options for smaller companies who can tailor and customize the system as per their requirement.

No Additional Payment — Once you sign up for a SaaS based Visitor Management system you don’t have to pay for additional installation or invest in a server or buy the advanced version. The system is online all the time and updates happen in the background and the client need not worry about it.

Increase Productivity — Interruptions and frequent phone calls are the stuff that constantly kills one’s productivity in the office. A recent survey in small offices revealed that it takes about 25 minutes for employees to get back to a task that was interrupted. In a typical office set up the receptionist connects the call to anybody who asks for us — ranging from old clients to pesky sales men. An efficient Visitor Management System would filter out the unwanted calls and set up appointments at the host’s convenience thereby ensuring that your productivity is no way affected in the office.

Paperless — Most offices in India are trying to eliminate paper and trying to ‘go green’. No more visitor logs! Save paper by going digital. You are not only saving trees but also getting yourself a sophisticated system that ensures maximum security to your facility.

Saas based Visitor Management Systems like Touchpoint are not only extremely cost-effective but they also help enhance the company’s image.

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