Trove Market — Available in A Living Room Near You

We’re excited to be joining you in the living room via Apple TV! Our new tvOS app brings local, second hand and vintage shopping to your living room in a way that hasn’t been available until now.

We started Trove Market with the idea that it should be easy to buy and sell used furniture and décor. We’ve addressed this core belief by creating an omnichannel platform that includes a mobile-first experience on iOS and Android, Trove Market on the web, and also Apple TV.

The new Apple TV is beautiful and we’ve designed our app to work seamlessly with the OS and Apple remote. You can browse items easily and see what’s available nearby.

If you see something you like, make an offer on it. The tvOS app will automatically sync with your iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch so you can continue the conversation on your mobile device, rather than using Apple’s keyboardless remote to enter text.

Trove Market on Apple TV and iOS Sync like magic.

What’s next for Trove and Apple TV?

As the Apple TV app store continues to develop, there’s an opportunity for companies to engage with their customers in a personal setting. Being able to browse your favorite apps and stores from the couch is fun and entertaining.

We will continue to look for opportunities where it makes sense to enhance our tvOS instance — we may have a few ideas up our sleeves — and remain excited about the possibilities that arise with support for 3rd party apps on Apple TV 4th Gen and forward!

The safest and easiest way to discover, buy and sell goods near you using your smartphone. Brought to you by your neighbors at Trove.

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