The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
Holly Wood, PhD

Well, since I literally just got cancer from these comments, I hope that I can afford the rate hikes being imposed by my Health Insurance provider!

Most of these comments seem ignorant of the differences between authoritarian-based centralized planning masquerading itself as Communism, which is a (sort of) _version_ of socialism?

It’s amazing what an anti-Communism culture (from the 50’s on) has done to the public education system. Sadly, most folks haven’t read much about what anyone means when they say ‘socialism’, and like to try to win arguments with false equivalence.

All socialism means is that the workers own the means of production. Work at a company like Valve, or a Co-Op? You’re already working in a socialist enterprise.

And it’s amazing how many folks come out of the woodwork to defend capitalism.

Without regulation, capitalism is a complete dystopia. With as much regulation as we apply in the U.S., it’s only 50% of a dystopia.

It’s pretty easy to dismiss ideas that you don’t understand. Sadly, these comments reflect the ignorance that we see and deal with every day. And they mostly come from people who can vote.

It’s time to educate. We all have the same goals, in the end. But the forces of big business would rather have us argue with each other about how expensive social programs are, or who ‘deserves’ help when they are down. It’s unfortunate that we take the bait so easily.