Fort Lauderdale Child Support Attorney | Florida Laws on Child Support

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Florida Laws on Child Support

Florida state law (Title VI, Chapter 61, Section 30) utilizes a formula to calculate minimum child support needs, which takes the combined monthly net income of both parents and the number of children to determine child support payments. Determining monthly net income is not always so simple: Factors such as veteran status, employment, medical needs, pensions, and Social Security will affect the overall net income. Sometimes, this income is not sufficient enough to support the needs of the child(ren), especially when the children have medical needs or disabilities. In this case, the court needs to look at nonrecurring income or assets.

Attorney Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. will talk with you about your case, taking into account all aforementioned factors that determine child support. He can help you figure out how much you will receive (or what you will be required to pay), and can work with you to determine if your situation makes you eligible to ask for more. Under Florida law, a 5 percent increase can be requested if the guideline amount is “unjust or inappropriate.”

Frances can help you sort through the language of the law and its complexities, making sure you receive a fair child support agreement. If you are going through a child support case in Fort Lauderdale you will need an attorney who understands how to address your specific needs. We can help you today. Secure a child support agreement that is good for both you and your child. Contact a Fort Lauderdale child support lawyer at Frances Family Law today.