Lane User Portal Update: Version 2.9.11

There are some great updates to Lane’s backend for account administrators and users. What’s new? A lot of cool stuff that will make sharing and tracking content easier! You can:

  1. Track Analytics
  2. Add Services and Amenities
  3. Customize Branding

1. Analytics

When you log onto Lane’s portal as an administrator, land on your channel’s analytics dashboard homepage (the existing homepage, Content Calendar, can be accessed through your channel’s menu). This dashboard provides a high level summary of channel usage, demographics, and overall performance trends in easy to understand graphs. These analytics allow you to understand how a channel is performing, so that you to make informed decisions based on real user engagement patterns. Analytics on the dashboard include:

  1. Subscribers: know how many people are subscribed to your channel and how many people unsubscribed
  2. Users: know how many people are content creators on your channel
  3. Content Analytics: learn how many impressions, click thrus and interactions you earn on your content
  4. Services Analytics: learn how many impressions, click thrus and interactions you earn on your service content
  5. Channel Analytics: learn how impressions, click thrus and interactions your earn on your channel
  6. Communication Analytics: track how subscribers like to be communicated with (i.e. Push Notifications, SMS, Email, Text-to-Voice)
  7. Top Content: easily track your most popular content and explore the type of content your users engage with most
  8. Live Content: review your live content in one place

For a more detailed view on how a specific piece of content is performing, access the impression, click thru, and interaction analytics by clicking into a specific content card.

2. Services and Amenities

Our favourite feature added to Lane is the Services and Amenities page. This new feature has been introduced to inform users of ongoing initiatives and facilities available to them. Users can access information and interact with services and amenities directly on the Lane app.

Building and Company Channels will create profile pages for each program - providing their subscribers with a centralized information source and access point for ongoing initiatives.

What’s the difference between Service and Amenities versus a Content Card? Services and Amenities are offered year around and have no start and end date. Examples of Services and Amenities are:

  • Fitness Centres
  • Bike Parking
  • Help Hotlines
  • Health and Wellness Classes
  • Room Bookings

Content is temporary and assigned both a start and end date. Examples of content are:

  • Quick Notices and Updates
  • Event Details and Invites
  • Tenant and Employee Reminders

You’ll also notice you can track who has created and updated a content piece. You can find this information on the right hand side of the screen under the ‘Save’ button.

3. Customize Branding

Channel profiles can be customized to your building or company branding. Choose from Lane’s pre-designed profile templates or design your own!* Add in your official colours, company logo, hours of operation, and even link out to social pages and websites.

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