US Congress Ignores Whistleblower Who Raised National Security Concerns

January 18, 2018

Dear Congress –

The USG Whistleblower is disappointed in you as an American citizen. The USG Whistleblower is frustrated at you as a Public Servant. The USG Whistleblower is saddened by your kakistocracy disgracing our homeland. The USG Whistleblower is annoyed because of the swamp full of braggadocious throttlebottoms!

The USG Whistleblower sent certified letters to Congress and emailed multiple congressional staffers. The only flimsy response is that the Congressional Committee Chairman announces his retirement. USG Whistleblower emailed five Congressional committees, across all three branches of government, exhibiting nonpartisan violations of law, rule, and regulations, gross mismanagement, gross waste of funds, abuse of authority, and substantial and specific danger to public safety. All resulting in baffling silence.

• Is the silence a reaction of fear?

• Is corruption in the DC Swamp so volatile and debauched than Watergate and JFK combined?

• Why are Senators and Congressmen ignoring a USG Whistleblower?

• Or are Congressional staffers invoking their self-proclaimed power of holding the calendars hostage?

Congress, you know you have seen the USG Whistleblower’s email. The email documenting the Executive Branch Department’s Corrupt Office of Inspector General (OIG). The email demonstrating the OIG issued an inaccurate and falsified Audit Report. The same OIG responsible in upholding the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012, fails in doing so for the USG Whistleblower.

Whistleblower disclosures have proven to be crucial in saving lives and protecting against waste, fraud and abuse, which costs taxpayers billions of dollars. Yet, despite numerous attempts to sound the alarm, you have chosen to ignore a USG Whistleblower. You have turned your back on a USG Whistleblower.

Congress, you read the documentation about the Office of Special Counsel. The USG Whistleblower went through proper channels; followed the process, policy, and law. Yet the Office of Special Counsel played by its own rules and timelines, and ignored and failed the USG Whistleblower. What is the USG Whistleblower to do? All the processes in place to help the USG Whistleblower has failed. Surely the Department of Justice (DOJ) can help. Wrong again. DOJ failed the USG Whistleblower in its own corruption, which is documented with written evidence.

Congress, the USG Whistleblower was directed by a top Executive Branch official that they could not speak to Congress, yet the law is clear: “The right of employees, individually or collectively, to petition Congress or a Member of Congress, or to furnish information to either House of Congress, or to a committee or Member thereof, may not be interfered with or denied,” per 5 U.S. Code § 7211.

When the Executive Branch Department, Office of Special Counsel, and Department of Justice Attorney General’s Office all fail a USG Whistleblower, what is one to do? Snowden committed Treason to expose corruption. USG Whistleblower does not condone what Snowden did, but now understands the cognitive state as to why the exposure may have occurred; cover up, silencing, and retaliation. It takes a tremendous amount of courage for any USG Whistleblower to expose wrongdoing.

Who else can USG Whistleblower turn to other than the Media? Congress, you are elected into office to protect the American people. Only Congress has the Power to Declare War to protect America, not the President. Our forefathers were visionaries and historians, and their wisdom prevailed in knowing that such power should not be bestowed to one person. It is my intent that Congress will not fail the American people. Rather, Congress will protect the American people, secure our Nation, and restore Justice.

During the confirmation hearing of Senator Sessions as the new Attorney General of the United States, Sen. Grassley stated: “I hope you will give encouragement to whistleblowing and that you will listen to them. For the most part, these are patriotic people that want the government to do what the government is supposed to do … I would appreciate it if you would provide Congress with accurate and timely information regarding any action taken administrative or criminal against individuals who retaliate against whistleblowers because it is against the law to retaliate.”

Sen. Sessions responded by expressing the importance of supporting whistleblowers: “You are correct about that. It’s not acceptable to retaliate against a whistleblower … established a reputation as someone willing to receive that information and act on it and then defend the individual who had the courage to come forward.”

Executive Branch Department, the Department in which the USG Whistleblower is employed, a Whistleblower is the decoy and your Executive Branch proved your guilt and incompetence when you choose to constantly retaliate against a USG Whistleblower instead of protecting the American people. Hidden Agendas, Corruption, Misuse of Power, and Arrogance — to name a few — served you, NOT the American people. American tax paying dollars pay your salaries and unfortunately continue to pay your corruptness.

The ignorant “what difference does it make” phrase from a Senior Government official clearly demonstrates the incompetency hovering the DC Swamp like a thick fog. Perhaps Congress should stop being a grumbletonian thwattling snollygoster and protect our National Security, the safety of the American people, and those who have the courage to come forward as a USG Whistleblower. And anyone who naysays this letter is merely an addlepated ultracrepidarian!


USG Whistleblower

P.S. Congress, if the Government Shutdown occurs, do not fret. As an American citizen and Federal employee, the USG Whistleblower will not let politicization interfere with the USG Whistleblower’s right to notify Congress of threats to our Nation. The USG Whistleblower took an oath to protect America, domestic and abroad, and the USG Whistleblower does not recall in the oath any sub clause referencing “lay down their arms” thus not protecting the nation under a government shutdown.