Diet trends you should stay away from

Dieting or perhaps eating right is important for various reasons. It is true that dieting will help in weight loss but the reality is that most often, people who diet either don’t see any significantly different results and some even fail at their weight loss plans. Basically, the problem with most of these diet programs is that they are pretty stringent that makes it very difficult to follow them regularly and sometimes, the moment you quit the diet program, the weight you lost comes all back and this time, much harder. In the wake of this, it is essential to first identify the diet plans that are good and those that aren’t.

Here we have compiled for you a list of some worst diet plans. And, this is not our opinion but what the experts at the Weight Management Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association suggest. So, if you are serious about getting good results with your dieting and you are a beginner, stay away from these –

  1. Raw food diet

The raw food diet is basically getting all your nutrients, calories and everything else your body needs from raw, unprocessed or uncooked foods. The proponents of the raw food diet plan claim that the food loses the essential enzymes when it is heated at above 119 degrees Fahrenheit. This destroys the many health benefits of these foods. While it is true that most dietitians across the world recommend that a raw or a minimally processed diet which includes fruits, vegetables and grains as the best, it is also true that a completely raw diet will miss out on the important photo-nutrients that develop after the foods are processed. Also, processing food under appropriate conditions inactivates various unhealthy compounds.

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