How to get the perfect air hostess look?

If you are looking for some inspiration for a flawless, long lasting makeup, you will surely find it with the female flight attendants. This is no exaggeration because these beautiful and smartly dressed women are at their best all time. No matter how long the flight is or how many hours of work they put in every single day, there won’t be a time when you find them with messy hair or without their statement red pouts — their hair is always perfect, skin well polished and always have a natural-looking makeup. So, if you have been wondering all this while how air hostesses keep their makeup looking perfect at all times, here is your answer.

It is the natural look that is a winner with the air hostess makeup. Getting the perfect natural look can do wonders to your everyday look and this is not just for the flight attendants but for all working women. When at work, you don’t want to go overboard with your makeup but you still want to look presentable. So, here are some steps of doing makeup right from an air hostesses grooming diary so that you accommodate their makeup style in your everyday life –

Step 1: Get the natural look

This is the most important step as it acts as the foundation to your remaining makeup. A barely-there, fresh faced look is definitely beautiful. So, to get this right, here is what you need to do –


For a glowing and fresh-looking skin, start your day with a good cleanser. Cleansing your face with a gentle face wash is important for getting rid of the dirt and to leave your skin looking refreshed and youthful all day long.


Moisturizing your skin is as important as cleansing it. Use a good moisturizer that will lock in the moisture and keep oil and dirt at bay. Avoid moisturizers that are greasy because that will make you look worse on a humid day.


For a natural makeup look, your base is the key. A good primer is hence very important. Choose a good quality primer that won’t clog the pores but give your skin a fresh feel.


With your foundation, less is definitely more. Also, choosing the right shade is essential. If you go wrong with your foundation shade, you are in for trouble. While applying foundation, do it evenly else your skin will end up looking patchy. A powder foundation is a great choice for everyday, no nonsense look.

Concealer & blush:

After you are done with applying your foundation, go for the concealer. This is important for a perfect flawless look. The concealer will hide your blemishes and make your skin look even tone. Complete your face with a peach shade blush for a natural tint.

Step 2: Naked eyes

To get the perfect naked eyes look, start with an under-eye concealer to hide all those fine lines around and under your eyes. Skip the eye-shadow to go for an everyday nude look. Use a dark line of kohl or eye-liner. Skip the mascara too for natural look but yes, curl your lashes a little for the perfect finish.

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