Relationship tips for your growing children

Becoming parents is a big joy but more than that, it is a responsibility. You can give birth to as many kids as your health would permit but then, giving birth isn’t just what your role is; raising them to be responsible, mature and considerate individuals is a major task. You don’t want them to be just career minded too, you also want them to understand relationships and grow up into affectionate and caring adults. For this, it is essential that you give your kids some basic relationship advice as they grow.

As parents, it is your primary job to advice your kids on essential things about life and among these essential things is the relationship advice. Unless you let them know who is important and how people around them needs to be treated, your kids won’t know this. As your kids grow and reach their teens, it becomes imperative that you make them understand the importance of being loving and compassionate. While you can always ensure that you set the right example for your kids in terms of how you deal with your relationships, it is equally important to sit them and talk it all out. Explain them why you need to behave in certain with certain people and how they need to deal with intense emotional situations that will arise as they grow. Here are some relationship tips that you can use to help your kids understand this important aspect of their lives –

  • Learn to be an initiator

This is the primary advice you need to give your children. Teach them to take the first step in every relationship at all times. Tell them that if they feel strongly for someone, they should not wait for that person to come forward first. Teach them to develop the confidence of being the first person to express feelings to others as well as teach them to be strong enough to deal with a cold response. Your kids need to learn that ‘no’ is not the end of the world, they are several other people in the world who will be happy to say a ‘yes’.

  • Give your best

This is something that you should teach your children from the time they are little kids; you have to train them to give their best effort at everything they do. This everything also includes their relationships. Let them give their best effort and even if they fail at a relationship, they will never regret that they didn’t do enough to save it. This feeling of being satisfied with themselves will only come when they have really and wholeheartedly tried their best.

  • Trust your intuition

Give your child the confidence that he or she can trust his or her gut intuitions and teach them to listen to their heart in the matters of relationships. When your child is old enough to understand what is good and what is not, let him have

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