The basic must-haves in every career girl’s bag

Women have gone places now and that is speaking quite literally. Most modern women are career minded. They have love for their family in their heart but are absolutely professional in their lives. That being said, every career woman needs to not just think professional but even look professional to the core. This means dressing up to look impressive and making sure that you look presentable every day. In order to that and to stay stylish always, you need to have a few things always with you.

What should a career woman always carry in her bag?

Among all things professional, every career woman needs to have certain basics in her bag always to ensure that she looks impressive and presentable every time. Imagine this, you are getting all geared up for an important presentation and while passing by a mirror, you suddenly notice your hair is all mess, probably your eyeliner is smudged a bit or you look pale. That is definitely going to kill your confidence. So, what do you do if you don’t have the necessary stuff in your bag to tidy up yourself?

Don’t get yourself caught up in a situation as above unprepared. You need a lot more than just your wallet, car keys and phone in your bag. Here is a list of some basic must haves every career woman needs in her bag.

  1. Your emergency makeup kit

You may have all the time in the world to get dressed up for work one day and you may not have an extra minute on another. Hence, having an emergency makeup kit always in your bag is an ideal thing. That way, you won’t need to worry about getting to work looking unkempt and messy. All you have to do is just head straight to the restroom before logging in at your desk. You don’t need too many things here — a kohl pencil, your basic lip gloss and a cover up moisturizer. And, of course a handheld little mirror for sure.

  1. Hand lotion

In the professional world, your hands are going to speak a lot. You will have a lot of handshaking to do, several presentations may be when you use your hands for explanations and between all of that, and you don’t want people to see dry, chapped skin on your hands. Make sure you carry your favorite hand lotion always.

  1. Mini notebook

Every career woman needs a small notebook in her bag. Considering the fact that we all often multi task, something important might skip our mind and we might get reminded of it at most inappropriate times like when you are traveling or having a cup of coffee with a friend. Having a notebook always will make sure that you record things the moment you get reminded of them.

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