spread agriculture study everywhere, hope we can grow up our mind from farmers side . we should not forget that we came from farmers family, and now these days we can see . where our family and country stands?

hello to all my dear friends and respected,

just i am writing this post for us , for our family, for our society, for our country,

i too belongs from farmers family, even my brothers doing well with their farming , they produced good vegetables, wheat , rice and etc.

i am juts sharing my thought with all of you please read out with all your mind.

Developed INDIA., The developed India does not mean that everyone here is eating in KFCs or wearing costly dresses or Speaking fluently in English language or travelling in hifi cars., as per me, the Dream of DEVELOPED INDIA will be attained When a Farmer is taking pride of his occupation and motivating his son or daughter to take agriculture as a profession. When the youngsters of nation is adequately skilled and taking pride that India is my nation and Im willing to give my skills to my nation.When a tribal men or women is getting all the basic facilities and also his/her education in his own language ., and still they are following their culture.To be followed…….Towards MISSION DEVELOPED INDIA

Thank you

Regards :-

Miss Solanki

Debsuddha Banerjee

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