Why the Jet Black iPhone 7 Really Matters

Many have said that the iPhone 7 has an outdated design. What these people don’t understand is that the Jet Black finish on the iPhone 7 represents not only a great looking color option but an important strategic differentiator. Apple’s strategy has always been about skating to where the puck will be and Apple’s investment in developing best in class aluminum phone bodies is no different.

Smartphones have a predictable design path. 5 years from now all smartphones will look identical to each other aside from their camera placement, logo, and case finish. A phone’s finish will become one of the most important features in a phone. This will play right into Apple’s strategy as they will have continued to heavily invest in developing their knowledge in this area and will have an even larger lead at that time. A ceramic iPhone would stunningly beautiful, practically indestructible, and peerless.