Social VR and the 2016 Presidential Debate (Round 2) aka Waiting for President Watts
Lance G Powell Jr

Great post on your experience. And, up so fast!

I also attempted to experience it on Altspace, from a 2D experience. I know it is not the same, but I thought it interesting anyway. With some difficulty I managed to get connected and was there during the introductions and the initial couple of questions. Then I lost connection and failed to reconnect. So, I watched the rest from youtube.

I went from the unclutter space with grumbling characters (compliments to Trump), to sitting in a dark room with lots of uninhabited objects watching from a tablet. When I was on Altspace, I found it rather nice to be hanging out with many others while watching the debate. In my other reality, I was sitting alone, past 4 AM.

I decided not to follow other social media and focus on what I had on hand. First — just in AltspaceVR, then just the streaming debate. They do feel different. The social-ness is felt, although since I was a newcomer, it was an alien experience, not different than being in a square with many others yet alone in some respect. The audio was fine, the debate was dominant, yet you could hear what other muttered. Also how they felt with the emoticons emanating from the avatars. The perception of the environment and those who inhabited it was a bit strange. The environment being richer and more interesting and the avatars barely distinguishable and rather boring. I used to like the big bobble heads from OnLive from the old days. I am not so crazy about duplicating human like appearances, but like the expressivity of individuals in their presentation.

I did wander around a bit and found some spaces fun and interesting. There is some nice detail here and there. I need to interact more before I say much more.

I have always liked the idea of having trash, odd bits and bobs in digital spaces, much alike in real world. In specific I like to see hints of presence that existed before my visit. Like crumbs or worn down benches… Stigmergy (”)

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