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Özgür Akyazı

Oh yes. So nice to be part of getting something to work. And, so true about just how many different ways people can contribute.

I have been working with the Django Girls events in Turkey. As usual the first one is the toughest one to get off ground. So many people helped out there. The people who created the tutorial, via a crowdsourcing system crowdin. Turns out some people get a kick out of translations, even -or especially — technical documents. Yeay! Many of us participated in the translation, but how great to have the enthusiasts, since they have a whole different view and zeal for getting a good translation. People who decorated the event space, those who baked cakes, those who sewed tablecloths, hang around to make sure there was tea/coffee/water/toilet paper… You may ask, why I am mentioning just about everything other than the mentors, sponsors, and organizers. Fair question. Without them there would be no event at all. But, believe you me, things would not go on very well without the helping hands, minds, and hearts of all the contributors. It makes an incredible difference. Also, contributing to some end voluntarily has some magic in itself. Contributing from self motivation amidst similarly motivated people is a joy.

Yes, I need to blog about it.

There is another Django Girls event this Sunday! Just saying :)

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