Airbnb: seeding trust through web
Duygu Özbağcı

Sharing economy issues are very interesting. It is quite interesting how electronic services work as intermediaries of match making for the exchange of services, goods, and spending time. The success (in terms of accepted use) of matchmaking services is also pretty impressive. The trust aspect is always so interesting. We can compare it to, who do we trust in flesh and blood as we navigate daily life. I don’t mean with your life or anything, but for restaurants, shops, directions, etc.

Services of Airbnb are under academic investigation w/r to labour considerations. When money exchange comes into the scene such as Airbnb, Uber, Content generation and so on, the use and abuse issues related to fairness, acknowledgment also comes into play.

There is a nice article: WELCOME TO AIRSPACE — How Silicon Valley helps spread the same sterile aesthetic across the world that talks about the impact of the web on our experiences and how, in turn, the places we visit are impacted. A general convergence to a same-ness of it all.

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