Tips For Choosing A Magento Cloud Hosting Service For Your Online Store

Running an e-commerce store holds great opportunities but there are big challenges too. The first requirement is to invest in the development of a high-performance, scalable, and robust online store. Magento, as a platform, serves as an appropriate choice as it has all that it takes to create a feature-rich e-commerce store. The challenge does not end when you have it ready, but a greater one awaits as you have to find a reliable hosting partner for running it.

The choice of the right Magento cloud hosting service provider is critical to the success of your e-commerce business. Most enterprises make the mistake of choosing one on the basis of costing and this can compromise the performance of the site. Here are the key tips that will help you to choose the best hosting partner:

Look For Robust Security

Security is perhaps the biggest concern for the e-commerce industry because the confidential financial details of customers are involved. For this reason, you must first look for a hosting service that offers high- security along with PCI compliance. PCI DSS refers to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard which is essential if the business site receives, processes, or stores the credit card data of the user. Additionally, you should ensure that the hosting service is following all the best practices to stronghold the security of the Magento store.

Find The Relevant Server Type

The second crucial factor is to know the appropriate server type that would match your business requirements. There are two options, namely, dedicated servers and shared servers. A dedicated server refers to a single platform hosting only your e-commerce store. This option offers excellent speed and consistent performance but is an expensive one. On the other hand, a shared server has several stores running on a single platform. Though comparatively cost-effective, this option usually gives a slower performance during peak usage.

Opt For The Right Kind Of Hosting Solution

You have to bear in mind your requirements to opt for the right kind of cloud hosting solution. It can be a self-managed or a managed hosting solution. The self-managed solution is a better option for store owners with sound technical knowledge as they have to manage the server hardware and software on their own. The other option of managed hosting is better for people who want the service provider to look after the key aspects like server management, backups, and updates.

Make Sure That You Get Consistent Magento Support

Ongoing Magento support is another significant parameter that determines the choice of a hosting service provider for your e-store. The reason is that your store may come across an issue at any time and it needs to be resolved instantaneously to prevent any loss. A consistent, ongoing support by the hosting service ensures that your store is up and running all the time.

Finally, you must make sure that you choose a reputed Magento agency that is hailed for providing reliable e-commerce hosting solutions. It is also a good idea to make a cost comparison between various service providers so that you get an affordable option. At the same time, you must look for value-for-money services that go an extra mile to make your online store profitable.

Originally published at on July 18, 2017.