Elders’s Mistakes

I went and goes many events in my life, where I found that my elders or generally elders doing wrong things that are actually wrong not from my context but ethically or actually wrong. But if I was wrong at that place then those elders make me correct immediately with little admonish but what if they are wrong? Anyone in this world can be wrong, whether elder or young, poor or rich anyone can be.

One day, I was just passing by the street and an old man (not so old), kicking the dog who was already injured. I could not stop myself and I said, “Sir Insaniyat b kisi chezz ka naam hotta hai. Hum se achy tu wo kafir hyein jo Insan tu insan Janwaro ka b utna hii khyal rkhty bsss kami un mai ISLAM k na hony ki hai.”

He replied me with full anger and start giving me arguments and we talked a bit. But, why it is so? Why didn’t he accept his mistake? Infact, he start shouting on me.

In short, I was little scared to resist elder person from doing something wrong but now I am little change in this matter. And surely want to develop enough potential to resist the wrong and courage to say right thing Right even against my parents.

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