A sudden rush of endorphins, a sigh of relief, a big smile and a sense of accomplishment. That is how I felt as I crossed that finish line, greeted with pride by a couple of my friends who had joined to support me on the day.

An accomplishment like none I have achieved so far. It was a hard number of months of training with a month of fasting sandwiched between training. It is these small moments that I will relish and look back upon with fondness and pride (anyone would).

If you can dream it, you can achieve it

What I’ve always noticed is the astonishment people have when I told them what I was about to do, a 1500m swim, 40km cycle, and 10km run (one after the other without resting). For me, it was still a considerably huge challenge, but I never thought I couldn’t do it. Never for one moment it felt I couldn’t control my mind to take me over that finish line.

At one point I crossed a 70-year-old man running the triathlon — a sense of utter disbelief as he took one step after the other towards the finish line, encapsulating the essence of the triathlon, a sport of patience and endurance. Saying hello I tipped my head, recognising his determination.

The new Nike ad captures this quite humorously, and it certainly struck an emotional chord with me — A triathlete is one who pushes himself to the edge, then does it again.

Having accomplished what I set out to with just a desire to challenge myself physically, I believe I’ve found a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. Most importantly, a realisation of the ability to accomplish what I want to with discipline, a strategy, determination and patience.

A life long journey has just begun for me.

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Originally published at usmanbinomar.wordpress.com on August 26, 2016.