Having the balls to fail

Why I believe failing is intrinsically important to our progress

I am a big believer in doing big things… although sometimes, actually most times, they are rather unsuccessful attempts at trying to achieve something great.

When things don’t fall in place as you’d expect they would, it’s not a complete failure. It might just be that you went went wrong somewhere. It takes courage to analyse your mistakes critically without emotion and learning from them rather than them holding you back from your original motivations. Being upfront and honest about them only makes you realise what could have actually been improved.

Recently a failure has been the first off-road triathlon I was organising in Skardu, Pakistan. There have been lessons learnt, a lot of new people met and quite a lot of work done for next year’s preparation. Having the understanding of how to execute things better for next year just makes this a stepping stone towards success. It has not been a complete failure but rather a learning process. The audacity to chase a vision I had and find people willing to help, encourage and support me has been immense. I have had my ups and downs, like finding my way through the sticky bits. Dealing with no internet, electricity, fuel shortages, having no industry contacts, having problems from the bureaucracy and still having the guts to stick it out to the end.

What is most important for me to realise for my personal progress is the fact that I tried to do something, anything that put me out of my comfort zone, something completely new that gave meaning to my life, I created my own purpose for myself. I got to spend an epic year trying to chase a vision I had, in an incredibly epic part of the world.

The journey has just begun.