Why I’ve moved back home.

The start of a new chapter.

Some opportunities are too good to miss out on! And this is one of them that I am excited about to be able to take.

There comes a time when you have to decide to either plateau or keep on going up, putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, challenging yourself more than you could have ever done, to achieve something bigger than yourself. That is exactly what I am up to for the foreseeable year, and hopefully more.

After having spent four years in England, three of which were spent studying, I’ve moved back to Pakistan to work on something exciting. It won’t be easy but it will certainly be an adventure — something I’ve been craving for long.

This is not a whimsical decision, rather one based on a rational and realistic approach. Spending the past three months at Escape the City I’ve been working on testing the waters for a unique triathlon in northern Pakistan — a social impact enterprise that will focus on positively impacting the local community through sport. I’ve had the help of mentors to make it to this point, from people who have ran their design companies in Toronto to others who have organised marathons across the world on a much larger scale.

So far, the feedback has been positive, and a number of people are willing to take part in the first one in August 2017. I’m hoping to develop a way to work with local charities and create a truly unique culturally immersive experience all bundled up with a triathlon.

More than anything the people helping me make this happen are committed and passionate about this project. We’re approaching this with the same sense of curiosity and dedication.

I’m driven by my curiosities, and this is definitely on par with my personal and professional values, which I bring to creating the experience of the triathlon.

Follow our progress: