Gather around the campfire

Ghost Mobile is cellphone company meant to help you find the best cellular service within your local neighborhood, it scans your location and suggests different phone plans that you should try out. Ghost Mobile had a solid foundation but in order to reach a new set of users, it needed a refresh in how it approached its methods. So I was tasked with shaping its brand-new web experience for the simple consumer looking to understand what cell phone plan is right for them and which ones they should avoid.


Solving the mystery

When planning out the UX for Ghost Mobile, I wanted a very high level form of what the user would want in each section of the website. The website needed to be full featured and easy to use. The website also needed to be vibrant and bold. The image above is what I conceptually thought the user would need the most, when designing the site I drew most of my design from this initial thought process.

An early version of the sitemap for Ghost Mobile

When the wireframing process begin I laid out a simple wireframe as a guide for the rest of the wireframing process. Usually using the initial conceptual map that I had created earlier. Creating these allowed any potential developer to understand the high level of what I was designing out.

Mobile Screens


Giving it an otherworldly vibe

When I begin the UI for Ghost Mobile, I begin thinking about what type and colors would work best for Ghost. Currently the old layout contained only three colors and one typeface: Black, White, and Neon Blue while using Helvetica as the main typeface. I decided this was too boring, I completely changed the brand pattern with a new gradient, and a new type family.



Looking back on Ghost Mobile, I think a lot on what the project meant and the thought process that went into it. This was one of the most mentally challenging designs I’ve ever done. Trying to think not only on what the future of the brand is, but how the end user will eventually use it.

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