Justice together! Justice for all!

We are all marginalized. We are all suffering. We all have our stories. And we’re all still struggling despite living in this age of information and communication. Yet somehow we’re all still divided and unable to come together.

I believe the only way we can gain our rights to justice and equality are by demanding them together and starting an initiative that empowers all humanity. Represent your people or cause within the initiative, but also push for humanity as a whole. More people will draw to you and more people will support you if they feel like your causes are shared. Stand up for your fellow human and fight for them so they’re more inclined to fight for you. Empathize with each other. Through compassion, understanding, and a little support we really can bring equality and create a better future.

If all we do is stand on a soap box and scream for our rights, no one listens because a lot of them are privileged and entitled. The ones that can relate to your issues are drowning in their own problems and are struggling to stay afloat themselves. That is why we never achieve anything. And guess who wins when that happens?

Creating a space and network to spread a humanity initiative instead of individual causes separately also helps alleviate any negative connotations disenfranchised people may have for each other. People have to understand that when we want equality for ourselves, we have to fight for everyone else’s rights too. That is when your personal beliefs have to be replaced by respect and tolerance. You don’t have to agree with everything, you don’t have to love everyone, but you have to be open and accepting of all.

You can’t fight for the rights of your people and scoff at someone else’s struggle. You can’t deny the LGBTQ+ their rights, but cry BLM, or protest Muslim persecution, fight classist institutions designed to crush us, but then go ahead and participate in misogyny. That only makes us hypocrites. The only way we win our fight is together.

We need equality for all human beings. That includes class, gender, sexuality, race, and religion. Discrimination, hate, and intolerance in any form is unacceptable. You can’t except to take down a hate filled system if you yourself carry many of the same traits. Let’s empower our brothers and sisters and make this country stand for what it’s supposed to represent.