After study the Total Quality Management course, now I am able to manage and maintain those things that I can not manage before in my life. There is a big difference in my practices and in my way of doing things at my home or work place after study total management course. I am highlighting the difference of my practices before and after studying or learning TQM course.


This concept change the way of doing things in my daily life activities with success and with low wastage or defects. I didn’t plan the things before and did not check or evaluate the performance on weekly or monthly bases now I Plan the things, Do the things, Check the Things then Act after the studying TQM course.

2) 5S of House Keeping:

I did not put my tools in an organized way before studying 5S of house keeping now I have sorted the things and arranged all the things in a proper way and make a separate place for every tools. It helps me to find the required tool in short period of time and it also same my time.

3) Zero Defect:

Sometimes I did not feel bad after making a mistake because I think that it is a natural process for a human being to make a mistake. But there are somethings in life which we have the potential to do it accurately but we yet take it lightly. I used to do my university projects on multiple attempts however I failed to realize that there is a cost behind it i.e. Not doing it right for the first time including my time. Now I take my proper time to complete such things and I try to do these things on first time in order to save my time and energy.

4) Ishikawa Fishbone diagram:

I used to look at the result directly without even taking out time to see what could be the causes and reasons of such things. Now I have a clear idea by looking at all the possible causes of a problem. This saves my time by working on causes not effects while facing a problem. After learning the concept of Ishikawa now I can easily identify the causes and effects of a certain problem. I can also solve these problems in short time now.

5) COPQ:

Before studying the concept of cost of poor quality, I was not able to prioritize the important thing first rather than the urgent things, because I have studies in my Personality course that we should do out important things first rather than urgent things and every unnecessary thing and action has a cost and it considered as a loss as well so after studying the topic of COPQ now I am able to stop doing all unnecessary things and tasks those I used to do it before learning this topic.