Reflections on G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit 2017— Berlin

G20 YEA Summit 2017 — Official Photo. Copyright 2017 : WJD/Jens Schicke

I am writing this piece to share my experience with the delegates planning to go to G20 YEA Delegation to Buenos Aires in September 2018

Although I have been in Australia for only 5 years and still waiting for my official citizenship to come through, I felt immense pride in representing Australia on the global stage with a delegation of incredible young entrepreneurs and change-makers from across Australia.

It was great to dig in and engage with the ‘messy’ political process to reduce youth unemployment, increase youth entrepreneurship and find ways to work alongside young leaders of all the G20 countries to create a better and more prosperous world for all.

I would like to massively thank Foundation for Young Australians and do a special shout-out to the President — Nathan Murphy and Sherpa of the Australian Delegation — Sarah Agboola for this incredible opportunity!

I am writing this piece to share my candid reflections, experience and opinions as a delegate in Berlin and this does not reflect the official position of G20 YEA Delegation in Australia.


Before the summit, I had the opportunity to do a visit of Berlin and it was a very bittersweet experience — where I could appreciate the beauty and culture of the city but at the same-time reflect on the horrors of the worst of humanity.

Brandenburg gate

Our delegation also had the opportunity to do a few fantastic tours.

These included — Social Impact Hub, Women in Technology Event at SAP, Amazon Berlin Tour, Betahaus tour and doing business in EU, Reception with the Australian Embassy. Here’s my learnings from these tours.

Women in Technology Event — SAP Berlin


  1. If you’re a social entrepreneur, check out Impact Hub — Berlin, they have a fantastic community and do pretty rad work.
Our delegation at the Impact Hub — Berlin

2. If you are expanding your business from Australia to Germany, Australian Government’s Landing Pad offer fantastic connections and advice to enter the market— who are based at Betahaus. Betahaus is a great co-working space to join, especially if you are doing a hardware startup.

3. My personal favourite space was Factory Berlin, which you can join as a club member here.

Factory Berlin — Candid Shot for Entrepreneurs

4. Met with the Amazon team and learnt about their fantastic customer-centric model as well as their plans to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner (read:global domination).

Australian Embassy is very supportive in Berlin and the network of Aussie expats is also pretty awesome, fun and encouraging who you can connect with through

Met with H.E. Lynette Wood — Australia’s Ambassador to Germany

G20 YEA Summit 2017

Day One

We were welcomed by the G20 YEA President Carsten Lexa, Dr. Eric Schweitzer, President of the Germany Chamber of Commerce and Dr. Stormy-Annika Mildner, B20 Sherpa.

They keynote address was delivered by Ms. Brigitte Zypries, German Minister of Economics and Energy. The most interesting session was Mind Opener by futurist Matthias Horx.

G20 YEA Summit 2017 — Official Photo. Copyright 2017 : WJD/Jens Schicke

We talked about G20 YEA, and our impact on global politics.

Then we had a bunch of breakout sessions on: Future of Big Data & AI, AR/VR and the new worlds we are building.

Afterwards, Dr. Martin Wansleben, CEO of Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) moderated a panel to share Digital Success Stories from Germany.

Around 500 G20 YEA delegates in attendance also did a vote on the key problems we wanted to tackle as a community, representing 500,000 young entrepreneurs across the G20 countries:

The top 3 general issues, we elected to focus on were:

  1. Find mechanisms to the fast-changing premises and harness the potential of technological change.
  2. Facilitate SME participation in cross-border trade.
  3. Facilitate smart infrastructure.

The specific recommendations selected included:

1. Improve quality Education.

2. Introduce smart taxation schemes.

3. Ensure the mobility of entrepreneurs through a G20 Entrepreneur Visa and administrative simplification.

We also had a special catch-up with the Canadian Delegation to discuss how we can deepen our relationships with our mates across the pacific.

If you’re super keen to find out more, you can check out the coverage of Day 1 on here:

Day Two

We started with a panel discussion on Digitalisation as a chance for sustainable development with a focus on Africa.

Then, we went into deliberations for the Communiqué led by Dr. Lucinda Trigo Gamarra, Staff Member of the G20/G7 Sherpa office, German Chancellery.

I had the privilege to join the working group focusing on G20 Young Entrepreneur Visa, to discuss best cases we can learn from and the next steps to take.

During lunch we got an opportunity to meet with the Indian and Chinese Delegation to discuss how we can partner with entrepreneurs from both countries.

Then we had a session from Ernst & Young looking at Policy to grow digital entrepreneurship. This was followed by a few more break-out sessions on Internet of Things and their implication for SMEs in a connected society, Digital Platforms — Foundation for New Business, Future of Work and Best practices of Start-up Economy around the world.

G20 YEA 2017 Communique being signed by Australian President — Nathan Murphy

In the final session, our Communiqué was signed by the Presidents of all the G20 YEA’s countries and its copy can be found here.

Like any other entrepreneurship event, the summit concluded with networking and a pitch competition.

I personally found this pitching event really fun and competitive. It was called Get in the Ring — where participants had pitch-battles and audience’s applause determined the winner.

If you’re super keen to watch any part of it, check it out on here:


As the summit ended, the 3 key working groups continued our work, which will be finalised till the next G20 YEA Summit 2018 in Argentina.

I have had the privilege to become the Australian lead in our G20 YEA Mobility working group — led by Fiona Wilson at Futurepreneur Canada, and we have been working with Dentons (law firm) for the last year to design a position paper, which I will talk about in my next article.

Recommendations for Aussie Delegates

  • Be prepared for the pre-summit events and think of how to best utilise those experiences to learn for yourself and to improve your startup/business.
  • Jump head-first into the summit, step out of your comfort zone, ask questions, and contribute.
  • Meet other delegates with an aim of developing long-term relationships and how you can help each other over the next decades.
  • And finally, have fun and enjoy your trip!