The man who brought jihad to Britain, did so thanks to MI6
Nafeez Ahmed

The BBC job was a nasty Whitehall-directed hit on Deobandis without substance or proof, using what Bowens herself called a brief ‘aberration’ in UK Doebandi history to project an entire, invented, false, made-up culture of ISIS-type thinking on Debandis in the UK.

he reason why Deobandi institutuions and communities prosper and continue to in the UK is because they get down to what needs to be done. They focus on the practical daily life Muslims and creating strong communities.

Is there a Deobandi problem with joining ISIS or the Taliban? None. This is neo-Orientalism at its finest. The former Tablighi actually claims Tablighi Jamaatis preach they are the ‘one true sect’ and everyone else is going to Hell!

If people in these positions in media actually want to discuss real extant problems in Deobandi communities in the UK, rather than just vomit anti-Muslim bigotry:

then for crying out loud, talk about the serious and common problem of sexual abuse in Deobandi schools and madaaris. That’s true. That’s legitimate. Talk about that rather than making up garbage to sate your anti-Muslim bigotry, you bastards.

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