My First Salesforce App → Kensington

I have a passion for real estate because they are tangible, stable and delivery passive income. I have a full time job as a Salesforce developer; therefore, time is short and the luxury to check into the property once a month and collect rent is just amazing. What other asset offers that kind of steady return and passivity? If you know please note in comments.

I have been interested in tying my passion for real estate with my expertise in Salesforce. But how? I needed to build a property management app! Finally, after 2 months of customizations, testing and coding I can present- a property management app → Kensington. The target audience for the property management are small time property owners (in my understanding people who manage less then 30 units).

Link for downloading the unmanaged package: here

The app has 3 key features:

1] Units: Track all relevant information metrics. For example:

a) Revenue per month (year) is auto calculated

b) Return on Asset is automatically calculated for you

c) Each houses’ (which can comprise one or more units) market price is automatically updated using an API from Zillow

d) Total expenses for the house since purchasing (i.e. fridge, repairs, new carpet) are automatically summed

e) Assets at each house. These are basically capital expenses like major electronics and appliances.

2] Tenants: Track all relevant information metrics. For example:

a) Move-in & rent due dates

b) Contact information

c) Any complains or issues they raise

d) Survey them during their move out date

3] Map your houses on a map.

Features [1] and [2] are key because it allows the property manager to see the big picture: total rent, expenses and profit. If one has multiple units per house/property it gets complicated to track all the tenants, their rent due dates, the rental agreements, etc. My app makes this process easy because all the relevant information is neatly organized.

Write me if:

  1. You need help further customizing the app for your needs
  2. Have wishes on how else the app can be more useful
  3. Have feedback

In case you are totally new to Salesforce here are the steps you can take to install the app and start using its features for your properties.

  1. Sign up for a free developer account here.
  2. Click on here to download the package.
  3. Populate:

a) Accounts (your houses)

b) Opportunities (your tenants)

c) Open Activities (outstanding tasks either at Accounts or Opportunities)

d) Rooms: useful to remember how many rooms each Account has and what their price is.

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