So Hello to all my fellows and readers I am back with some exciting topic and that is Happiness. You might be know a person shows in a picture. Let me tell you his name is Shawn Achor a very well known Ted sessions specialists or speaker. Today the topic is happiness here are the some questions that we discussed in this blog.

Q1. Have you ever struggled with negative thoughts, emotions, depression or anything related?

Q2. Have you had any friends or family struggle with negative thinking?

I am trying to convince all of you to change your mind regarding world prospective. We can change our eye through we can see the whole world. We all have a lot of tensions, problems which we faced everyday. whether it belongs to office home or any personal and professional situation. The most important statement that we can never forget and that is: One day this world will be finished and the few things remained on earth and i.e. happiness, honesty to do something for someone.

After watching a videos / Ted sessions of Shawn we must understand the concept of happiness. I know on a truth platform it is might be difficult for us but not impossible. Lots of people are a best example for this they have facing a severe disease, problems, but they always seems happy that’s why the all other things in the world looks like happy normal and calm. Happiness is the most valuable assets for every person. we can reduce our tensions anxiety problems. I know we cannot overcome on our problems just to be feel or show happy but it gives a power to manage and deal with in a good effective and efficient manner.

I hope you all trying to be happy yourself smiling your face to reduce your problems and change the view / lens through which you can seen the whole world.

Best regards.