Why Businesses Prefer To Work With Arhamsoft To Hire Dedicated Team Of Developers.

usman tayyab
Oct 10, 2018 · 3 min read

Companies often find it very difficult to hire in house team for a particular software development project, as it requires a complex recruitment process and rigorous management process to manage the process if someone is not in software development business.

Have you ever get victimized by loss of budget and energy of not getting the desired output of your project because of wrong selection of the team or in experience of managing software development project.

Do you think project outsourcing is the best thing to do to save time, money and energy and to get efficiency and timely work done.

Arhamsoft loves to build and refine technologies that improve lives while developing great relationships along the way.

What is ArhamSoft?

ArhamSoft is an ISO Certified Company aims at providing technology solutions that change the life of businesses. It provides dedicated software development resources for the IT projects.

Difference between traditional outsourcing and hiring dedicated team of developers

Select your required talent:

We help you to share your required skills and experience with us, we will match the criteria of your requirements with our resources and pick the exact resources required for your project.

Dedication of work

The selected team will only be allowed to work on your project and can be monitored by you.

Project management services:

If some business does not want to indulge in project management, we offer services of project management on your behalf.

Remote team helps you to save money and headache to manage physical resources.

Office and team management is the crucial part. We provide all the infrastructure of resources required by your project help you to save money like office expenses, computer and mobile devices etc

Cost Effective:

We usually charge very reasonable rates to facilitate you with cost cutting.

Free consultancy services:

We have a team of experienced IT consultant who help your hand picked team if they stuck in some problem to give right direction.

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Company overview and achievements

Arhamsoft has a team of 120 developers , successfully delivered 300 projects and work in a wide range of technology stack

1. Ruby on rails

2. Python

3. C#

4. Php

5. NodeJS

6. Angular JS

7. Swift

8. Objective C

9. Java

10. Kotlin

11. Java script

12. Azure

13. Microsoft CRM

14. .NET

15. Html,Css,JavaScript,Ajax

16. ReactNative

17. Ionic

The Company maintains standards and confidentiality of client by entering into NDA(Non-disclosure agreement), which means we are responsible for the security of your idea, data and code.

Year founded: 1999
✌️ Size of tech team: 150 employees
📍 Address:Office # 17 / N Block, Main Blvd, Johar Town, Lahore Pakistan


Usman Tayyab

Business Development Executive

Skype: as-team41

Email: Usman.tayyab@arhamsoft.com

Website www.arhamsoft.com

Phone +18445452359

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