Pedal for the Medal — 2017 Marine Corps Trials Continue With Cycling

Athletes take the competition to the street in today’s cycling events. At the Wounded Warrior Regiment, we approach each individual Marine’s recovery as a relationship, not a process, and we encourage healing in all aspects of their lives. Participation in adaptive sports, like cycling, helps recovering Marines stay fit and focused on their health.

“Participating in swimming and cycling has helped me be active without aggravating my physical medical condition,” said Staff Sgt. Matt Kuroda. “They have also given me the challenge of working on something new, learning and striving for technical improvement has helped my mental recovery by giving me something positive to focus on.”

Feel like you’re at the finish line with Sgt. Kuroda today by following our Facebook and Twitter accounts for live event video, updates and scores. Here are the different races you can expect to see today.

Men and women handcycle — 10 kilometers

Participants have a lower mobility impairment or are amputees that prohibit them from riding two-wheel, upright bikes or recumbent bikes.

Men and women recumbent cycle — 20 kilometers

Cyclists have upper mobility, orthopedic or balance issues that prohibit them from riding two-wheel, upright bikes or handcycles.

Men and women bicycle open — 30 kilometers

This race is open to participants with no permanent physical disabilities.

Men and women bicycle physical disability — 30 kilometers

Cyclists in this event have permanent physical disabilities.

Men, women and mixed tandem visually impaired — 30 kilometers

Participants are visually impaired, meaning they have visual acuity of 20/200 or greater, best corrected, or a visual field of less than 20 degrees in both eyes.

No matter their event, you can be sure our cyclists are not just pedaling to win, but pedaling for personal progress. Track the competitors throughout the races through our live stream, and check results right on our website.

Tomorrow we’re targeting a new sport — so meet us back here for our breakdown on everything you need to know about the archery competition.

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