USO Bike Ride

Health for Polynesian people includes our spiritual, physical, cultural-language, customs and emotional wellbeing. Having a balance on all aspects of health is really important. Equally though, of all the dimensions of Polynesian health and wellbeing, we know that it’s our physical health that needs a kick start to get the ball rolling. Thankfully, USO Bike Ride is glad to be in this space to provide a balanced approach to health and wellbeing through cycling..…

USO is a Samoan word that means “brother”. The acronym represents Understanding, Strengthening, Overcoming…In this ever changing world we all know that at some stage we will die. Sadly though, the reality for many Polynesian people is that early death through preventable conditions like diabete’s, heart disease, cancer’s and stroke is rippling through many families. Therefore until our time comes, we aim to live the best life as possible through cycling.

In the cycling journey it takes a few small steps to get going. It starts with a health check-find out what your number’s are. Set some goals and then get access to an affordable bike and develop your skills. It’s all a totally new journey for many of the USO group. What about “Lycra”?. Well thats another story-half the time we have to see if we can get Lycra in large enough sizes, and bikes that are strong enough to support larger riders and shoes big enough to fit Polynesian flipper-feet!

We’ve been going since 2011 and are predominantly Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island, Maori and European men and women based in New Zealand. We’ve cycled from Auckland to Wellington, cycled the length of New Zealand, around Samoa and Hawaii. Our our story continues to evolve today…One day you’ll get a chance and by all means if you do, come ride with USO!