Latest Web Development Tools and Trends of 2017

As websites are growing by millions, they are also becoming laden with designs, layouts and content. There is a huge competition among websites to be more visually alluring while being high on functionality. There is therefore need for tools to make websites fast and easy loading while retaining their enormous size. 
We have compiled a list of best web development tools of 2017 which aim at revolutionizing web development for better website functionality. 
• Synchronized Testing Tool aims at making website testing for multiple devices easy and less time consuming. By using this tool, you can test your website in multiple devices simultaneously. All actions from browser loading to scrolling are reflected at the same time across all devices saving your time and energy.
• Template Engine is a great tool that saves time and efficiently lets you work on your multiple HTML pages.
If you have a static HTML page, there is no extra work to be done. But websites don’t work that way. Multiple web pages with individual Headers, Sidebars and all. So if you decide to make changes in Header of one page, rather than repeating the same on other pages, use Template Engine. 
• CSS Preprocessors simplifies larger website projects. For bigger websites, you have to handle multiple stylesheets to manage numerous CSS lines. That’s where CSS Preprocessor comes handy. It lets you write CSS in coding fashion along with variables and functions, which can be compiled into browser-compliant CSS format.
Usoftware, a web development and web designing enterprise based in Brampton, is always on the lookout for newer tools and techniques to develop premium websites for our clients. Watch this space for newer innovative trends in web development.

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