2017: The Year of the Blob

Ian Latchmansingh
Nov 30, 2017 · 4 min read

What is the Blob?

There’s a lot of homogeny around the color palettes.

Where did the Blob come from?

Windows Metro UI relies on highly balanced grids. Starts to feel really clinical.
Intercom’s illustration style is super cute.
Apple’s Healthkit
Acorns smooths out the graphs on your account value history
Siri set the tone for loads of AI assistants.
Google uses the Closure principle to infer a Blob
So, you’re suggesting that if I buy this, my graphs are going to start looking like this? Very cool. Very cool.
Rising engagement? Don’t mind if I do!
Hey look a psychedelic Blob!
I don’t care if this is cropped because it’s just some hipster Blob.

Ian Latchmansingh

Written by

UX Director for St. John & Partners

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