Jurassic Park, Founder’s Syndrome and Design Sprints

This was right before the murdering started.
This is pretty much what feature deployments looked like at our startup.
I try to keep my posts PG, but — what the fuck is this?

The one caveat to this being that John Hammond should be optional.

The founder doesn’t have the patience to invest in this process.

John Hammond doesn’t care how he disrupts your precious work.

The founder is too attached to their own vision and unwilling to change based on prototype feedback.

No matter the carnage, the founder is always right and you’re doin’ it wrong.

The founder considers themselves to be the authority on technical decisions.

See. It’s the same thing.

The organization has structured the sprint to include people loyal to the founder.

To be fair, it’s not always a lawyer.

It’s important to remember that John Hammond is not the villain.

“Loyalet.” Yeah that’s a good portmanteau. CC BY 2.0




Senior Design Technologist for AWS

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Ian Latchmansingh

Ian Latchmansingh

Senior Design Technologist for AWS

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