The “work week” isn’t natural. It was invented during the Industrial Revolution. Factories and warehouses rose like castles. Factories made the products that went into the warehouses. Workers entered the factories and warehouses to create, assemble and box the products. They entered at this time and went out at that time. Fixed.

Factory men and women were getting ill from staying inside? Benefits were invented next. Working in a factory became desirable. Free medical and dental.

Shops and offices all followed this ‘standard’, bringing people together in one place, in regular work hours to work together.

Industry invented the work week.

Technology invented micro-careers.

Work is now in the cloud, not a desk and chair. Flexible and efficient. For the employer and the employees.

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Outsource to skilled virtual assistants and you don’t have to pay for benefits — you pay for efficiency. Jobs are finished faster — because the freelancer makes the most of their time each day.

For the freelancer: More jobs finished, more money rolling in.

For the client: Less money rolling out. No time and resources drained in an entire office for tasks that can be efficiently completed by two or three freelancers.

While your virtual assistant or virtual team are completing their tasks, you, the employer, are also FREE TO DO YOURS. You don’t have to go to an office to supervise or to simply BE THERE so your employees would work. You can stay home, connected, and you can even outsource your own expertise as well.

It’s not NEW. It’s been around in the form of personal ads, Craigslist, Airbnb — this is a cloud of people offering their services, their homes. The only difference is the high level of skill sets you can now find. Professionals are online now. Even legal work, tax prep and content writing. No need to go to a law, accounting or copywriting firm!

You have more time. Everyone has more time, freeing up hours to become an employer AND an employee at the same time.

A talented virtual assistant can start his own business easily, also through the cloud, and then hire his own freelancers: micro-careers layered on top of each other, leveraging every person’s talents and competencies.

A freelance writer can ghostwrite a book for someone at night, be a content manager for another client during the day, hire someone else to draft a book from an idea or plot she had in mind, and edit and publish that book on Amazon, easily!

The work week isn’t a slotted 40 hours. It can be 26, 60 or however little/much is needed to complete a task and project.

91 percent of millennials expect to stay in a job for less than three years, and flexible hours and location-independent policies are more desirable than salary.

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