Dear news media: Create news for people who have never read a newspaper
James Tyner

In one of your final paragraphs, you speak of younger readers wanting a “more complete” or “as complete as possible” informative pieces and articles. You also want to have 140 character, 200 word, 800 word and 2000 word stories about the same subject all on the same website. Since this is the generation that created tl:dr, which one do you suggest the media go with?

As someone who is a writer for an online news site, I often get told my stories are “too long,” that there’s “too much information,” and that people want “quick” stories. I’m not going to say your thoughts are inaccurate, but there is a contradiction between what you’re saying and what I see on a daily basis (and let’s not even get into the SEO that demands stories be a certain length to be considered).

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