The entire Democratic Party Leadership must change.
Wil Wheaton

There’s a multitude of reasons that Clinton was beaten and you’ve touched on one here, Wil. But you could also add in that Clinton was a less-than-exciting candidate (as recognized by the nearly five million votes less she received than Obama in 2012) that was hit with a late-campaign hammer (the FBI “relooking” at the e-mail situation) and a populace that believed in the conspiracy theories that swarmed around her.

It isn’t all doom and gloom. Each candidate won the states they were supposed to. The GOP nominee surprised in winning the “tossups” that everyone thought would go to Clinton. Those tossups, if you shift a few thousand votes OR let the disenfranchised people kept away by voter ID regulations and the reduction in polling places, could have easily shifted towards Clinton and we would have a whole different discussion going on today.

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