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Better EDUCATE YOURSELVES QUICKLY……The 1948 Standard Insurance Provisions, TITLE 22, included A PROVISION THAT EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD BE TAUGHT BY 18 (AS WE OBTAINED WARRANTS FOR, SINCE 1988–89 via a Federal Student Loan Case#89–00443, et.seq.)….THE PROVISIONS “AUTOMATICALLY REVISE AND NULLIFY ANY/ALL POLICY PROVISIONS INFERIOR TO THE POLICYHOLDER THAN SUCH STANDARD PROVISIONS, BACK TO SUCH STANDARD PROVISIONS, UPON ISSUANCE OF THE POLICY”…..So, all “Obamacare Provisions” that are/were “inferior to the policyholder” (Employer — -Worker’s Comp., Unemployment, etc.; or Employee — State Disability Insurance, SDI, etc.; or Taxpayer — Medicaid, S.S., Medicare, etc.) WERE “AUTOMATICALLY REVISED AND NULLIFIED” UPON ISSUANCE OF THE/ANY NEW POLICIES…AND OLD POLICIES NEVER HAD SUCH PROVISIONS…..Title 22 DID THE SAME FOR TRUMPCARE’S EQUALLY “NOT CORRECTING THE PROBLEM” NEW PROVISIONS…..You’d/You’ve paid taxes/premiums for your Title 22 Benefits/Policies, already, they’re still due and always shall be……Title 22 Automatically Amended any/all changes “Below Such Standard Insurance Provisions” back to them, minimally)….AND THE 1948 CONGRESS DID THE SAME FOR ANY/ALL FUTURE INSURANCE BENEFITS SUBJECT MATTER LAWS….ALL AMENDED BACK TO THE “STANDARD PROVISIONS” UPON ISSUE….FOREVER…..IT’S EITHER BETTER OR IT’S AUTOMATICALLY AMENDED (DIFFERENCES ARE NULL AND VOID)….Any Jury Failing/Refusing to enforce this/these laws (TITLE 22) are engaged in Racketeering and Organized Crime…..Don’t Be Duped….Fee, Fi, Foe, Fum, it looks like they’re after our benefits again, hon’ “…..RCCFM: Always(c): Dr. Eric…NOTE: THE PROBLEM IS IN “ACTUALLY COLLECTING” (SOLVED BY TITLE 22), BUT, UNINCLUDED IN EITHER OBAMACARE OR TRUMPCARE…..GO FIGURE…..Check Contributors (ins. co.s specifically)…

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