Deep neural nets and the purpose of life
Nitin Pande

If a human-level AI will be ever created using neural networks that would mean that our very own intelligence is nothing more but a mathematical function. That could mean one of the following:

  1. either math is a universal law of everything in the Universe
  2. or our very own intelligence is artificial indeed

For sure there will be debates whether or not AI should be considered conscious, but the second scenario is really fascinating. That actually might be the biggest existential threat to the human civilization posed by the AI ☺.

If we are an AI that would make valid all the points about us living in a simulation. Descartes' principle “I think — therefore I am” while being considered valid adds nothing about the form of our existence. Plato’s “Allegory of the cave", “Simulacra and simulation”, talks by Nick Bostrom and Max Tegmark and even “The Matrix” trilogy are all the interesting related material.

What might be the purpose of such simulation? the purpose of the experiment? I think if we would try to accuire such knowledge that might alter the conditions of the experiment and whoever runs it migth have to start it over ☺. Surprisingly it strongly resonates with many aspects of different religions.

That might also be the key to the understanding of civilizations failure scenarios. Might they be stuck in a local minimum and not able to climb out ☺? So it is not worth to simulate their existence going further? Might it be considered worth to introduce simething like a prophet or Messiah to the simulated civilization to help it to climb out of the local minimum?

Philosophy seem to be quite practical discipline with a broad range of applications in our daily life as we know it 😀.