How to Pack Certain Items Inside Your Self Storage Rental

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When it comes to self storage rentals, there are countless things that need to be considered in terms of packing and organising. As it is likely that you will be leaving some of your belongings here for an extended period of time, you should not just throw your items in there and hope that it all stays safe and undamaged. Instead, you should pack your self-storage unit in a manner that allows for each of your items to remain safe, secure, and organized so that retrieving them later can be a breeze.

This article is here to show you how to pack your self storage rental in a manner that is most convenient and efficient, and we have categorized each section by the type of item that is being stored. This can be seen as the following:


Packing your storage unit with furniture requires extra care and attention. To avoid any damage that may occur, it is advised that you steer clear of plastic coverings unless used for lamps or picture frames and so on. Instead, it is advised that you make use of blankets, quilts, and old sheets while avoiding the use of tape being applied to the furniture itself. Doing so will help you avoid mildew.


When you pack your electronics into your storage unit, it is recommended that you first pack your appliances into their original packaging. Your wires should also be labelled before being removed. For further protection, you can wrap your appliances up in packing paper before being placed in the box, and your storage unit should be climate controlled for additional safety.


To pack your clothing in a way that avoids mildew, dust, and moisture, it is advised that you make use of plastic containers. Additionally, you can also pack your clothes with cedar balls for additional protection against moths and unpleasant odours. To avoid permanent crinkles in your clothes, make sure they are all folded neatly and kept clean.


Being one of the more intensive items to pack into a storage unit, it is advised that you first drain your appliances of liquid and remove any glass shelves as well as fragile pieces, which can be stored separately for additional protection. To avoid any odours that may come to the surface, it is recommended that you throw some baking soda in the appliance and keep the door open. Due to the amount of electronic and mechanical parts that are within the appliance itself, it is best to keep your appliances safe inside a climate-controlled unit to increase its longevity to still be used later on.

These items are all some of the most stored items that can be found within storage units across the world, and we hope that this has been of help to you. While there are still a number of other types of items that are often kept inside storage units, we just simply do not have the space to pack them in this article.



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