By Jessie van Aelst, Environment Artist on Alba: a Wildlife Adventure @ ustwo games

Pinar del Mar from a distance

Alba: a Wildlife Adventure released on 11 December 2020 after almost 3 years of development. The game centres around Alba who visits her grandparents on Pinar del Mar for the summer. She gets swept up into starting a wildlife rescue league with her friend Ines after they rescue a dolphin — not knowing their small actions would soon have a big positive impact.

If you’d like to see more, here’s our trailer. …

How we accelerated development in Unity with our build pipeline on Assemble With Care.

By Matthew Newcombe, Lead Developer on Assemble With Care @ ustwo games

Assemble With Care was an 18 month project recently released on Apple Arcade and Steam. A meditative tactile game, in it you restore objects that have sentimental value to their owners, and explore their relationships to one another.

For anyone curious to see more, here’s our trailer, and you can find it on Steam or Apple Arcade.

This follows a previous post focused on the Technical Art behind the project you can find here

By Matthew Newcombe, Lead Developer on Assemble With Care @ ustwo games

Hi everyone!

Way back in 2015, we made the decision to release our first infographic, capturing extensive data about how Monument Valley had performed in its first year of release. There’s a whole bunch of reasons why this might have seemed like quite a strange business decision, which probably explains why this doesn’t typically happen in the games industry. But our team was founded with transparency at its heart, and we want to make sure this extends beyond our internal communications.

Providing this level of transparency wasn’t necessarily out of character for us as a company. We’ve been talking numbers…

By Peter Pashley, Head of Development @ ustwo Games

Land’s End has a special place in my heart. It was the first project we started working on after launching the original Monument Valley and, being our first venture into VR, it took us a long, long time to get it right. But we ended up making something that felt more like a world than a game, and that’s what I always wanted from VR.

This January we finally went back to Land’s End. The game originally launched for Samsung Gear VR, but once we knew the Oculus Go was coming…

Photo: Gareth Dutton

Writing about feelings and emotions doesn’t come naturally to me. In fact, in attempting to write this piece, I’ve been staring at a blank screen for the last hour, resisting the urge to do what I always do: write what I think people want to hear, as opposed to the things I actually want to say. In many ways it’s a skill that’s been beneficial in my professional life, convincing people to get behind new ideas or talking with the press, but it makes it harder to write pieces like this. …

Photo: Gareth Dutton

With today’s release of the Monument Valley 2 soundtrack (available via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and an extra-juicy vinyl edition), Todd Baker, the game’s sound and music creator, discusses his personal influences and approach to channeling these while working on the game.

Originality and novelty are placed on high pedestals in today’s creative world. It’s cool to be unique, and everyone is keen to experience or create something new. As a result, it’s often seen as a criticism to note that something has drawn heavily from, or copied, something else. The reality is that all of our creations exist in…

In January of 2015 we made the decision to be transparent with how Monument Valley has performed since its release. We made an infographic for our blog that contained all sorts of interesting information, from how much money it made in its first week, to how many games of Street Fighter had been played during development.

What started as quite a small thing from our perspective, quickly blew up into parts of the industry discussing our data. Apparently it’s not common to be so open. Following on from this we’ve been at various conferences over the last couple of years…

Over the past few weeks we’ve noticed that lots of those playing Land’s End have particularly enjoyed its incredible soundscape, as created by audio designer Todd Baker and programmer Manesh Mistry.

So, as a special treat, we’ve made the album available for free via Spotify.*

Todd and Manesh also put their heads together to tell you a bit about the process of designing the audio for Land’s End, and more generally, thinking about sound in virtual reality.

Finding an audio identity

Even in it’s early stages, the visual style of Lands End had a distinctly dreamy, tranquil and surreal atmosphere, so the sound and…

Ken, Dan and I spent last week in LA attending Oculus’s VR developer conference to show off our new VR game Land’s End. Despite our jet lag, we managed to see some pretty exciting stuff, so I thought I’d sum up the best parts of Oculus Connect 2 as we saw it.

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