The concept of the IKEA In-Store Interactive App is to empower users through the use of their smartphones to easily navigate through the IKEA store and find and purchase products seamlessly. Traditionally, customers walk-through self-guided showrooms, write down product sku #’s and category location on a piece of provided pencil and paper, then go on a product hunt through IKEA’s Marketplace to locate their items. With IKEA In-Store Interactive App, users can find exactly what they’re looking for and purchase it in seconds right from their smart phones.


Through creating a thought map on a whiteboard we were able to capture our initial ideas and list of possible features and solutions for the app.


Through competitive research, user observations, surveys and interviews we discovered 3 key areas that would influence our design:

I developed a persona, Jennifer [image below], who is a young trendy mom that strives to create an environment that is toxic-free, safe with a dash of style for her family. With two growing boys she works a budget and spends a lot of time researching to find the most cost effective and efficient products. When shopping she usually has her boys, 5 and 2 years old with her therefore seeks for an “in and out the store” experience.

In order to better understand the ecosystem surrounding the application’s usage, I created a user experience journey map (using Jennifer as the user) to illustrate the different phases of user engagement. I documented each touch point, activities and interactions, user expectations, and possible barriers to help understand how desired capabilities fit in with the overall experience.


Through insights from research, persona development and experience mapping I created the information architecture for our app. The apps structure offers a foundation which I built on as we conducted user testing. Key features of the app will include:

  • Home page with several ways to search for products.
  • An interactive map that will show and navigate the user through the store.
  • A seamless checkout process with three options to complete the user’s purchase.


Based on the research we wanted to make sure this app eliminates in-store shopping frustrations and provide users with a more enjoyable experience.
We started with white board and paper sketches to get ideas down in order to visualize the function and flow.

Throughout the process we constantly tested ideas on users gathering feedback to assure the design was understood and easily navigated.


Turning user testing results and iterations into actionable wireframes. One of my teammates and I collaborated on wireframing a mobile app that allows users to navigate throughout IKEA and to specific showrooms with ease, and find products to purchase seamlessly. I sketched the interactions users can take to complete their task.

Design Goals
1. Enable users to navigate directly to showrooms.
2. Allow users to find products, see if it’s in stock and locate the item.
3. Give users three options to checkout (at the register, by phone: Apple Pay or Google Wallet, self checkout kiosks).